Edition Rikiki


rikiki releases art print editions in collaboration with graphic designers, artists, illustrators and printmakers.

All edition prints are printed at our own screenprint shop in Düsseldorf: playground printshop. We love making art prints and high class screenprint products.

The edition sizes are usually between 25 and 100. They are all numbered and signed by the artists.

Photo credit printshop pictures: Jana Dorn (www.janadorn.de)

edition rikiki: popmashups

#10 – FELIX THOMAS aka mister t

Felix Thomas meanders between consumption, culture, and communication, between fine arts, pop, and subculture. In his work, Thomas likes to refer to marks of our civilization, using references of cultural archives or contents of the collective memory to achieve new contexts. Felix Thomas lives and works as a designer in Düsseldorf. He also is a professor for Visual Communication in Cologne.

popmashups: edition 1 is a series of seven designs. Puristic screenprints black on white, printed on Metapaper Rough 240 g/m², 50 × 70 cm. Editions of 25, blind embossed, numbered and signed.


Annette Jacobs is an illustrator and graphic designer living and working just here in Düsseldorf, Germany (where we are located as well). Wild patterns – is this a mix of molecules and peanut curls? – do fascinate her just as much as clear order and shapes. We love Annettes work because she starts off absolutely manually with paper and scissors and then turns the work into the digital world, serving us with a visual treatment of her own interpretation of her surroundings. Yummy.

Annette's series circus has 6 motives, orignally created as one of a kind paper works with different layers. Together, we transformed this into screenprints with 2 - 4 colors: ultra-ultramarine blue, fire brigade red, balck and white on smooth light grey Kaskad 270 m² paper by Lessebo Bruk. The size of the prints is 30 × 40 cm. Every motive is limited to 25 prints and numbered and signed by Annette.

More from and about: annettejacobs.de


Melody Bar, Düsseldorf, Germany: truly an institution in cocktail and nightlife matters. Erich Wellhöfer has, together with his wife Heidi, not only been behind that very bar and mixed countless cocktails for 22 years, but also designed aplenty of «Reclame für Schnaps & Musik» – «advertising for liquor & music». Little collages, blewn up on the copying machine to large size posters, with Erich's signature and some prints from his stamp collection added, advertise classic alcoholica as well as their own creations. Those posters stayed single copies or very few copies, still notorious all over the city, and lucky those guests who jumped on the opportunity and bought one from the wall of Melody Bar.

«Absinth» and «Bloody Mary» are slim upright format prints of 36 × 96 cm (14.2 × 37.8"). «Beuys & Girls», «Französisch» («French») and «Speculant» («speculator», phonetically similar to the german word «Speck» for «bacon») are landscape formats of 66 × 96 cm (26 × 37.8"). All 5 of them are one color screenprints in editions of only 25. They are numbered, stamped and signed by Erich Wellhöfer. The editions are printed on high quality 100% cotton Somerset paper with watermark, 300g/sqm. They have 4 deckle edges.

More from and about Erich Wellhöfer: erichwellhoefer.de


Gesine Grotrian draws and designs, searched and finds: not only problems & solutions, but as well. Gesine lives with her two daughters in Berlin. Teaming up with Anke M. Leitzgen under the name tinkerbrain Gesine gives life to new books.

10 Regeln – 10 rules – is Gesine's first screen print edition which originated, based on a Sunsan Sontag text, for her own identity as a parent and for dear friends. 10 Regeln, 10 rules, one for each finger of your hand, to be composed in everyday life and (therefor) able to live up to the kids.

The print is a one-color screenprint on Favini Shiro Alga Carta 250g, a natural white stock with nicy specles and pots allover, made of alga. The size of the print is 35 × 50 cm (13.8 × 19.7"). The edition is limited to 100 and numebred and signed by Gesine.

More from and about Gesine Grotrian here: gesinegrotrian.de and here: grotrianleitzgen.de


Jens Robbers is a self employed graphic designer and lives and works in Wuppertal, Germany.

Mismatch: basketball atmosphere somewhere in the free wideness, out of our discernible spheres. Popping up: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Do the Right Thing. Space Jam. All of this in Jens' very own collage technique, that mainly helps itself with antique printed matter.

Mismatch is a 2-color screenprint, on of the inks being an aweomse split fountain. The paper is Favini Shiro Alga Carta 250g, a natural white stock with nicy specles and pots allover. It is indeed made of alga! The size is 70 × 100 cm (27.6 × 39.4"). The edition is limited to 50, numbered and signed by Jens Robbers.

More on and from Jens Robbers on his website: jensrobbers.de


Till Hafenbrak is a Berlin based illustrator. He is part of the artist collecitve Edition Biografiktion and, together with Ana Albero und Paul Paetzel, releases comic zines and prints under this name ever since 2008.

In his personal works, fauna and nature is a recurrent theme. Till illustrates scenes with animals and landscapes graphically stylized, using palettes with very few chosen colors. Till is fascinated by the slow and quiet way of living of the sloths. The print can be a source of inspiration for slowing down a little, or a reminder, that a life without stress is possible.

Sloth is a 4 color screenprint, printed on beautiful Favini Shiro Echo paper with 250g. 50 × 70 cm (19.7 × 27.6"). The edition is limited to 60 and numbered and signed by Till Hafenbrak.

More on and from Till Hafenbrak: hafenbrak.com


David Hale is an artist, illustrator and tattooist, living and working in Athens, GA, USA with his wife, Emily, and son, Crow; and owns and operates Love Hawk Studio. His work is a practice of gratitude and an effort to share that his love with all people.

Unbroken is a fable of the circle that we all exist within, reminded by the plants and animals that surround us. As one circle fills another circle we all exist within this circle of life and death; it is not a story of loss and gain, but of peace and of balance. It is told in hopes that it will bring peace, balance, and gratitude to your heart and to your home.

Unbroken is a screenprint on beautiful 250g Somerset 100% cotton Papier with 4 natural edges. The size is 56 × 76 cm (22 × 30"). Edition size is 60, the printed are numbered and signed.

More from and on David Hale on his website: davidhale.org


Dave the Chimp's work is about balance. Black/white, happy/sad, right/wrong, ying/yang. You can't have one without the other.

Disguised in unbearably cute forms are characters suffering from heartbreak, hate, and despair. Crisply painted characters populate the dirtiest alleyways. Light can't exist without darkness.

Sleeping With The TV On (Sweet Dreams), Dave's first print with rikiki, is a perfect example of this duality. A scene of comfort that changes when the lights go out.

It is a 3-color screen print (black, off-white + Glow) on GF Smith Colorplan Dark Grey 270g. 50 × 70 cm (19.7 × 27.6"), signed / numbered edition of 60.

More from and on Dave the Chimp on his website: davethechimp.co.uk


Julia Furtmann and Kai Hoffmann are working together since 2009 under the flag of OPEN STUDIO. Located in the city of Düsseldorf they are neighbors and friends of rikiki. In their graphic work they never get tired of finding new ways for dealing with colors, shapes and materials. For edition rikiki they remember an old companion.... and also rikiki feels like being 9 years old again.

The Game Boy design was used by Kai and Julia for a small tshirt edition before. Now the design is ste up for a 5-color screenprint poster and comes in 2 sizes: a 35x50 cm print and a mini print in A6 (10,5 × 14,8 cms) size. The big prints are limited to 60, signed and numbered. The mini print is limited to 100 pcs.

More works of Open Studio on their website: www.weareopenstudio.de


Eivind Molvær did release the first edition of his Italic Posters back in 2007. rikiki loved the beauty and strenght of the design ever since and is proud and happy to announce: the re-edition is hot off the press!

Screenprinted white on black GF Smith Colorplan Ebony stock, the print is in size A1-italic. Optionally – and that is new indeed! – the print is available in an Italic Frame made from black vanished oak wood.

Besides the poster edition we made an Italic Postcard: luxury thick cardboard of 540g/sqm, black with white screen print on the front and white with black screenprint on the back.

More graphic design of the Oslo based designer on his website: www.eivindmolvaer.com


Katy Binks is a young London based artist and printmaker, who sent us her super limited screen print editions. We love her prints and decided to open edition rikiki with a great new design by Katy.

More by Katy Binks: katybinks.tumblr.com