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The frame

You have made a choice and bought a beautiful print – so now you need a frame.

We really like simple frames with no frills, made of nice wood. Maybe a natural kind of wood, or a varnished type? There are many options, and we can surely help you chose the right one for you and your print.

The wood types

There are different wood types to chose from:
Natural types: Obeche – Spruce – Aspen – Mahagoni-Sipo – Ash Tree (Darkened)
Fine wood types: Maple – Oak – Cherrywood
Varnish: White – Black – Light Grey – Anthracite

Einrahmungen bei rikiki
Einrahmungen bei rikiki
Einrahmungen bei rikiki

Models, styles and details

These are clip-on frames, using pressuring springs for closure. You can always chose to use these frames for a different print later on. Up to a size of 40 × 40 cm the frame profile is 15 mm. From 35 × 50 cm the frame profile is 20 mm.

The frames come with front, sturdy cardboard back, pressuring springs and (35 × 50 cm and larger) with packaging.

If prints have an uncommon size that does not fit into a standard size frame, we often mount them on a black museum cardboard as a background, and chose the next bigger frame size.

Another option is always to get an accurately fitting frame for any size, or to use a white passepartout with cut-out for the print.

rikiki Andruckfedern für Einrahmungen
rikiki Passepartouts für Einrahmungen
Einrahmungen bei rikiki

Real glass or oder acrylic glass?

Up to a frame size of 40 × 40 cm, our frames come with real normal glass. From a size of 35 × 50 cm we use acrylic glass due to the high risk of damage in shipping with real glass. Our acrylic glass UV97 has 97% UV protection. It has a good light transmission, is weatherproof and only half as heavy as glass – but 11 times more break-proof. Plus 100% recyclable. Picking up your frame in Düsseldorf we can surely use real glass for any frame size.

How to order?

For many prints you can chose right on the product page if you want a frame and which one. If the kind of wood you like is not in the list or the option is not on the page, please contact us and we can provide advice on the available options.

Special framing, special sizes and passepartouts

We have a large palette of standard sizes, but can also make any accurately fitting frame.
You could alos chose to use a bigger frame size for a print and work with an additional passepartout. The costs have to be calculated individually.
Besides our standard framing, we are happy to offer all sorts of special, individual and high-class framing in cooperation with our awesome local framemaker. The options are nearly unlimited with all sorts of materials and framing techniques. Calculation is always individually. Please contact us.

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