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Wall Shelving - WS.85.3 - H 85 × W 239 × D 17,5 cm White PU paint + White WS.85.3 - H 85 × W 239 × D 17,5 cm | White PU paint | White

Wall Shelving - WS.85.3 - H 85 × W 239 × D 17,5 cm White PU paint + White

MOEBE’s  Wall Shelving is shelves made simple—two sticks, four wall brackets, shelves and wedges. Based on the same principle as MOEBE’s Shelving System, the Wall Shelving is component based and flexible. The Wall Shelving System is designed for your narrow hallway, spacious living room and small kitchen corner – a highly adaptable multi-talent for the modernist home.

Versatile to the max, you can build as tall and as wide as you like: easily adjust the shelves to any height. The way it is designed makes it suitable for any space and any wall. 

Wall Shelving is built entirely from individual parts. It can be customized and adapted again and again. Extended upwards, extend sideways or split in two and move the shelves to precisely the height you want them.

The shelves can be at any height: they are held in place by two wedges on either side. Using wedges means that there are no limitations on position. Simply slide the shelf to the height you want and install the wedges from below. Done.

Build as tall & wide as you like:
All available leg sizes (65, 85 and 115 cm) can be attached together in any combination. The only limitation is the height of your space. Regarding the width, simply add legs and shelves in whichever direction you want to go. One bay measures 85 cm. Because of the overlap each additional bay will add 78 cm to the length.

Wall Shelving is mounted to the wall at both the top, bottom and at every leg interval. The wall fixing is first secured into the wall. With the end bolt then locking the wall fixing and leg together.

Finishes to chose from are oiled oak, black stained oak and white PU paint.
All legs and metal work are available in either a black or white finish.

Oiled oak veneer / Black stained oak veneer / White PU paint MDF core Powder coated steel

Can be configured to fit into any setting.
Legs: 65 / 85 / 115 cm
Shelf: 85 × 17,5 cm

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