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Beauty Products & Parfumes

Oud Wood Soap
GordÍssimo Hand Creme 30ml
GordÍssimo Hand Creme 50ml
Rose Amélie Hand Creme 50ml
AlantoÍne Handcreme 50ml
Bath Salt Unwind
Miracle Lip Cream 10ml
Miracle Micellar Rose Water 300ml
GordÍssimo Body Cream 150ml
Nata Lip Balm 12ml
Nata Hand Creme 30ml
GordÍssimo Lip Balm 12ml
Jacarandá Lip Balm 12ml
AlantoÍne Lip Balm 12ml
Rose Amélie Body Cream 150ml
AlantoÍne Body Cream 150ml
Nata Body Cream 150ml
Nata Hand Creme 50ml
Rose Amélie Lip Balm 12ml
Jacarandá Body Cream 150ml
Liquid Soap Bloom 250 ml
Skin Balm Unwind
Soap Bar Gentle
Skin Balm Gentle
Body Scrub Revive
Soap Bar Revive
Soap Bar Bloom
Soap Bar Unwind
Lip Balm Bloom
GordÍssimo Body Butter 200ml
Jacarandá Body Butter 200ml
AlantoÍne Body Butter 200ml
Jacarandá Hand Creme 50ml
Rose Amélie Body Butter 200ml
GordÍssimo Shower Gel 500ml
AlantoÍne Shower Gel 500ml
Jacarandá Shower Gel 500ml
Alphabet Soap
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