Susan Bijl
Foldable Backpack M Midnight & Pool

The Foldable Backpack Backpack is a long-lasting, high-quality, lightweight, water resistant, super strong and foldable backpack.

The Foldable Backpack Backpack is made from water repellent, ultra light weight 100% bluesign® certified ripstop nylon. It has a water based coating, which is much more sustainable and less polluting than a PU coating. Susan Bijl products are all made in a bluesign certified company, striving for reducing environmental impact and a sustainable fashion industry.

This product is part of the «Untitled» collection. «Untitled» is a feast of colour and composition, giving a nod to the art that has inspired Susan. Out of nothing comes something. That’s the magic of creation. But don’t be mistaken. This nothing is not a blank void. It is rich with context and inspiration. When the artist takes this nothing as a source, the artist actually takes a deep plunge within their self, searching for the right angle. For Susan Bijl, this angle is often found in art. In the use of colour in history’s most fantastic paintings. In the complex of tints, and in the contrasts that make up the compositions.

Carries up to 20 kg
Size: 40 × 25 × 10 cm
Capacity: 10 ltr

Financing available from 99 € to 5000 € sale value
49,95 €
incl. 19 % VAT, plus shipping