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The Gentle Temper
Mit Vergnügen - Berlin für alle Lebenslagen

What shall you do when your parents come for a visit? Where to drown your lovesickness? Where can you do a shopping tour even if your credit card's limit is almost reached? And what is the location for an appropriate first date with your new flame?

Mit Vergnügen – Berlin für alle Lebenslagen (translates "With pleasure – Berlin for all circumstances") is not your common city guide. Other than most you know it does not categorize the tips by quarters or districts, but by 21 circumstances. On 300 pages you find not only favorite spots but also 5 "Kieztouren" (hood tours) and countless excursion tips for whole Brandenburg. It is a book for shared apartment's kitchens and coffee tables, for new Berliners as well as for Berlin originals.

Matze Hielscher, co-founder and self-proclaimed concierge of Mit Vergnügen, puts it in a nutshell: „This book is a mix of a treasure chest and first aid kit for Berlin. It is a book for our friends: old ones, new ones, those to come. For those who live here and the ones who come for a visit.”

Size: 21×16 cm
336 pages
Language: German
ISBN: 978–3- 947747-11-5

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