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Lavender Nail Polish Remover 100ml

15,95 €

159,50 €/1 l

incl. 19 % VAT, plus shipping

Lavender Nail Polish Remover 100ml

nailmatic’s Lavender Nail Polish Remover is made with 100% natural origin ingredients: lavender essential oil, sweet almond oil, and wheat, maize and sugar cane-based solvents. Say goodbye to nasty smells and soiled cotton, you can use it everywhere!

100% organically-sourced (and therefore of 100% natural origin)
Gentle and effective action
Delicate lavender perfume
Hydrated nails and cuticles
Protected nail bed

Never again:
Free from acetone and ethyl acetate.
Free from the strong odour associated with traditional nail polish removers.
No more weak and dry nails!

Contents : 100 ml

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