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Macon & Lesquoy
Bügel-Aufnäher Lucha Skeleton

55,00 €
incl. 19 % VAT, plus shipping

Bügel-Aufnäher Lucha Skeleton

Embroidered jewels is what we like to call Macon & Lesquoy's brooches and iron on patches. A touch of humor and luxury for the young girls, handsome boys, gorgeous mamas and old dandies around the world who always enjoy a good laugh.

The patch is about 10,6 × 4,8 cm.

How to:?Place the patch wherever you wish. Image side up, heat-sealable side on the cloth. Lay a clean dishcloth on the positioned patch and press medium-hot iron gently until the patch sticks to the cloth (approx. 10 sec.). Secure the fixing by also ironing the back of the cloth (again for 10 sec.). Important: Always carry out a preliminary test with your hot iron on an invisible part of the garment. If the cloth does not resist the heat, you can always fasten your patch by stitching it.

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