rikiki in Düsseldorf will remain closed for the time being.

In these times, we are more than thankful for each and every order placed in our online store and would like to say thank you with a 10% discount code: SUPPORT-THE-SMALL


Vase Cache-Cache Classique
Poster Hanger 70 cm - Brass
Chin Up Greeting Card
Stash Bag Simple Stripe Mint
Japan Large Shell - Purse sold-out
Notepad No. 1 Light Pink
Tote Bag «Skelette No. 1»
White Circle Garland sold-out
Laundry Basket Half Moon sold-out
Greeting Card Bike sold-out
Geometric Platter Plateau
Wire Basket Medium Brass
Travel Journal Boat
Pomegranates Screenprint
Bananas Screenprint
Watermelon Screenprint
Single Line Hand Stamp
The Stendig Calendar 2020
Rabbit Notebook A5
Pastel Ecru Masking Tape
Cushion Quinn
Bear Notebook A5
Bear Notebook A6
Drawing Pad Fox
The Sailor Notebook
Facemaker - Wood Block Game
Octopus Notebook A6 sold-out
Postcard Set Red sold-out
Postcard Set Black
Scented Candle Washington D.C.
Swirl Pencil Red
Metal-ABC Screenprint Poster
Hex Key Holder - Yellow
Volet Hook Set Gold
Oak Magnets - Set 6 Stk sold-out
Poster Hanger 50 cm - Black
Poster Hanger 70 cm - Brass
Wire Basket Medium Mint sold-out
Japan Carp Koi - Case
Gift Tags Art - Bordeaux
Iris Vase - L Grey
Coat Rack Beam L90 Charcoal
Postcard Set Houses
Cushion Eclectic Grey
Wire Basket Medium Black
WRAP Magazine Issue 9 sold-out
WRAP Magazine #11
Rack Solid 01 - Salmon Red sold-out
Hex Key Holder - Pink sold-out
Boxes Eath Small Set of 2
Bamboo Mug - Elephant
Vase Cache-Cache Ball
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