2020 Monthly Refill Passport Size

TRAVELER’S Notebook – a leather notebook cover with a whole family of refills and extensions, that can be transformed into the notebook you need it to be.

The 2020 Monthly Diary has one month on each double spread. The right collumn gives a quick overview of the one past month and the four months ahead the current one. This calendar features quite a few useful extras such as a timetable map, metric measures and equivalents, and, always useful: a few blank pages.

Replacing the refills: you can simply slide a new paper refill underneath the elastic band. When you use more than one refill in your notebook, you can use the second elastic band in the spine of the leather cover. Or you chose the 021. Connecting Bands to combine up to three refills.

12 months, 48 pages, stickers included, 12,4 × 8,9 cm, MD Paper sewn bound. Made in Japan.

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