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Fuck It Let's Party Greeting Card

rikiki loves Ashkahn cards!

This card comes handy ...wenn you want to comfort someone, ...when the year of birth is not mentioned anymore at a birthday, ...when everything will be good at the end again, ...when circumstances shouldn't stop one ... when the occasion is not so important but you want to party anyway, ... or when there is not occasion at all but party time whatsoever!

Ashkahn (pronounced «ash-con») from Los Angeles introdues himself as «artist, designer, art director, director and all around bon vivant» – and is the force behind the fitting line of greeting cards and a few other products.

His awesome and funny cards are all made using high class letterpress and hot foil embossing techniques. They come packed with a pink envelope. All Ashkahn cards are produced locally in Los Angeles.

Shhhh – Ashkahn is available at rikiki only all over europe!

4,50 €
incl. 16 % VAT, plus shipping
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