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Wms & Co.
Self-Inking Rubber Stamp Copper - XL

This one is one for a lifetime. These Self-Inking Rubber Stamps from the States are some of the most beautiful and impressive Stampers we have ever seen. With their heavy-duty metal design they appear like little machines with perfect form and function. We love the sound when pressing down and the stamp plate turns around. With one foot in the Old World and another in the now, the very act of using a manual stamp in this era of digitized everything feels positively subversive. It’s a distinctive way to personalize packaging and communications while adding a layer of instant patina. Whether you’re stamping a business logo, your personal monogram or an ex libris label, these marks are truly indelible.

The retractable stamping mechanism conveniently contains a hidden ink pad so there is no need for a separate ink pad. This model accommodates interchangeable typographic imprint plates so it can be used for multiple messages. A voucher for your first imprint plate is included with your Stamper: upload your own artwork or customize the typographic imprint templates that Wms & Co. have set up for you, or chose from their readymade imprints.

This item comes wrapped in black tissue paper and enclosed in a refined heavy-duty cardboard box that references vintage factory packaging. Imprint voucher and a little bottle of black ink included with every Stamper. The Stamper is available in the following sizes: XS (2 × 0.875" - 5 × 2,2 cm) – S (2.6 × 1.25" - 6,7 × 3,2 cm) – M (2.2 × 2" - 5,5 × 5 cm) – L (3 × 2" - 7,6 × 3,2 cm) – XL (5 × 2,5" - 12,7 × 6,4 cm).

350,00 €
incl. 16 % VAT, plus shipping
Delivery time: 1 - 3 Days
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