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TRAVELER'S notebook - Blue

A leather notebook cover, which can be transformed into the notebook you need it to be. This starter kit is a leather cover and a blank refill notebook, which you can easily replace when full.

The beauty of TRAVELER’S notebook lies in the gamma beyond this starter kit. The 24 refills, ensures your can create your own notebook, which is different from everybody else’s. Be it for journalling, happy planners, drawing, personal or business notes, you design the notebook and how often you use it.

The leather is made in a factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and becomes more beautiful with age. Every scratch tells something about the journey, and the total surface of the leather cover tells the story of the owner.

The leather cover is 21,8 × 13 cm and the notebook is 21 × 11 cm with 64 pages.

54,00 €
incl. 16 % VAT, plus shipping
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