Wall Calendar 2019 - White Black Gold

The whole year at a glance and lots of space to plan and fill in – here is our Wall Calendar for 2019.

The calendar is a 3-color screenprint: black is the base color for the weekdays. Pristine white for the weekends. And pure gold for the fine details. All printed on light grey Kaskad 160g paper. Beautiful and quite special!

Talking about details, this calendar features calendar weeks, nationwide public holidays as well as the public holidays and school holidays of the different provinces and other details such as when to set the clock one hour ahead or late for summer and winter time.

The size is DIN A1 – 81 × 59,4 cm. The calendar is packed in a neat black roll.

25,00 €
Financing available from 99 € to 5000 € sale value
15,00 €
incl. 19 % VAT, plus shipping